About Us

Generosity USA is a not for profit organization envisioned by like-minded individuals who have served their community for more than two decades. We have established the mission of making our community an extraordinary place to live and play. We dedicate ourselves to serving those in need.

Our vision allows us to not only deliver dreams, but to uplift the spirit and hand deliver hope to those in need. We do this by feeding the hungry, providing our youth opportunities for continuing education.

Through our fundraising efforts we have been able to bring awareness to the homeless community in our county and feed many of those in need.  In our humble beginning, our support allowed organizations to serve 300 hot meals over the Holidays.  Today through your generous support we are able to provide 4,000+ hot meals each month, purchase groceries for over 300 families on a monthly basis and support the educational needs of our youth by working closely our local school systems and social workers.  These goals were accomplished through the volunteer efforts of the organizations we support from our contributions.

Generosity USA began through the realization that these needs continue to grow.  By forming our 501 (c)(3) we are able to build an organization that will support families and individuals.  We are currently funded through our annual golf tournament and by private donations from individuals and businesses.  As our donations grow we will be able to continue to positively impact the lives of those in need and stand in the gap for the under-served.  We are committed to growth through being transparent, purposeful, authentic, and a dedicated hands on efforts.  Our goal is to seek joy in all that we do while letting every person know that they have value.